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With FullCall, you and your customers can interact freely on your website: video, audio and chat. This is the fastest way to help your customers. Get even closer to them by using this innovative solution.

What is FullCall?

Advantages our video chat

What’s the easiest way to explain what FullCall is? It is a tool for video, audio and chat communication through your website. Customers who visit your website will be able to contact your company through the communication channels you provide. You choose how you serve your customers by adapting FullCall to your customer service department.

Video chats

Have face-to-face conversations while building trust, relationships and an excellent first impression.


The most popular form of contact. Use the chat separately or as a support to other communication channels.

The rooms

If you need to talk to 3 or 4 people, you can just open the room and invite participants to a video conversation.

Schedule of calls

Give your clients the option to sign up for specific dates to a given employee separately or department.

Video hotline

Do you have extensive customer service departments in your company? Share video infoline with your customers.

Transferring calls

You can redirect the calls and chats with the client to another employee or another device, e.g. a mobile device.

Video chats

Video chat – convenient and quick contact

The Video chats function allows you to make audio or video calls depending on the preferences of your client and employee. This option may be available through a widget installed on the website or linked to every element of the website, even graphics. Only two clicks will separate your customer from getting to know the quality of your company through video support.


Live chat – the basis of customer care

Chat with an advisor is the most popular feature available on the Internet to support your customers when they visit your website. It is a real “must have” on the website. With us, you can use it as a base, even turning off other contact options, and it’s completely free. However, if you need to use a webcam, you can send the client a link to a video call.

The rooms

Let’s all discuss it together

Mini-rooms are used to discuss matters in small meetings of three or four. It is up to you whether you will use them to talk to clients and other employees of your company or whether you decide to use them internally to conduct company meetings. Of course, you can share your screen, write to group or private chats, or record meetings.

Call schedule

Online calendar for video or chat scheduling

When you need to share your clients with a calendar for booking online meetings with employees or a selected representative of the company, this feature comes in handy. Everyone has the ability to manage their own availability dates, and customers will be able to book only available dates with shared employees, all in real time.

Video hotline

A real innovation – click on the topic of conversation

Everyone knows how cumbersome and lengthy calls to the hotline are. The video hotline solves this problem. Build the structure of the hotline in your panel so that the customer on the website can choose the scope of the conversation he is interested in in just a few clicks. As a result, customer will be connected with a free advisor dedicated to the topic, which you can assign as well as the entire department.

Transferring calls

Direct your conversations to a choosen person

Do you run a company with a secretariat? Each conversation can come directly here and then be transferred to a competent person. Also with distinction for a selected workstation and mobile device with visibility whether it is online or offline. This gives the possibility of contact only in a specific situation and places – office, premises, hall, warehouse or home office.

Mobile application

Always be within reach, also outside the computer

Do you have your offer online, but you are not near to your computer? With the FullCall mobile app, you can be available to your customers without restrictions no matter where you are. Use audio, video and chat just like on the computer.

For whom?

In which industry is our video chat plug-in suitable?

Our solution is designed for markets such as:




banking, loans and finances,




medicine and care, medical clinics,


B2B services, consulting, telecommunications,


real estate,


IT remote help, freelancers


automotive (sale of new and used cars).

Check if our solution will be good for you and check out our blog, where we describing examples of possibilities the application.

FullCall is a PIONEER!

What will you gain thanks to us?

Important thing - conversation

Build authentic customer relationships. Talk to them face to face and present your offer via the camera.


Quick to use - easy contact

After installing the plugin on your website, customers can start a video, audio and chat with just two clicks.

Simple administration - 1 panel

Convenient control panel for traffic control and turning on/off individual functions of the widget.

Handy mobility - application

No limitations. You can stay in touch no matter where you are, thanks to the convenient mobile application.

What will you gain if you choose our plugin?

Advantages our video chat

As the PIONEERS and the only ones on the market, we enable quick contact with the customer directly via your website or mobile devices in the form of video, audio or chat.

Greater confidence

Greater confidence in your offer and direct opportunity to increase sales.

Decrease in complaints

A diametrical decrease in complaints and disappointed customers.

Positive opinions

Positive opinions and satisfied customers will recommend you.

Better first impression

Better first impression, increase in brand trust and authenticity.

We guarantee anonymity and no difficulties in contact

Possibility to start a conversation without providing data.

We do not force you to provide any data to start a conversation via FullCall. The most important thing is the willingness and the possibility to talk. We do not make it difficult with unnecessary procedures and requirements.

Step 1

Hovering over the plug icon.

Step 2

Selecting a contact option.

Step 3

Configure the conversation settings.

Step 4

Conversation with a consultant.

Do you have problems with the presentation of the offer?

Allow your clients to experience what you offer

In the era of virtual sales, with FullCall you are as close to your customers as possible. During a video call, you can show your product and better reflect its use. Discuss openly the needs and objections of customers, so that it is easier to finalize orders.


No effort, pure pleasure

No external software is required on the client-side. After installing the plugin on your website, visitors can contact you immediately.


Constant mistakes are a thing of the past

Avoid unnecessary complaints thanks to the possibility of direct consultation. Your customers’ satisfaction will transfer into a greater number of positive opinions and recommendations.


Your reaction = customer satisfaction

By giving your direct support to your customers, you can build relationships with them. Gain their trust by enabling them an easy way to contact. Thanks to this, you will achieve much more.


Are you on the move? You don't have to be at your desk all the time?

You have your offer online, but you are not at the computer all day? With the FullCall mobile app, you can be available to your customers without any limitations. No matter where you are.

What Our Clients Say About Us

FullCall’s opinions

“In the automotive industry, it’s extremely important to prompt react to any quality problems that arise. Via FullCall, our clients can contact us immediately, without installing any additional applications, to discuss terms and order a service. .”

Łukasz Gregeracki

Development Manager - RES Polska Sp. z o. o.

“In the era of fast online shopping, I always needed a lot of tools to make easier for the customers to contact me and choose my service. Thanks to FullCall my work has been greatly simplified because the customer only need to literally click 3 times on my website. Simplicity and reliability – this sums up the capabilities of the FullCall plugin perfectly. I RECOMMEND with all my heart !!! “

Artur Wiktor


“Ever since I saw the FullCall project, I became interested in right away. This was the tool I missed. Thanks to FullCall, client can contact me in various ways, including video, which is not an option in other tools. And what is important, everything is configurable – video, forms, etc. There was no other tool like that on the market, till now. “

Jakub Glapiński

Owner QubaLive

Our Customers

Where will you find FullCall?

Automatic integration with popular stores and website platforms

Full Call video chat plugin integration

We guarantee the trouble-free installation of our plugin on the internet platforms which we support.

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