We believe in building relationships and trust through simple, face to face conversation.

Our main question of the project – “Why?” is the belief that one deserves human respect and help. In the era of bots, robots and artificial intelligence, we reach out to everybody by providing videochat as simple as never before.

A few words from the Co-founder

Why did we decide to build the FullCall project?

“In times of full automation, we noticed that interpersonal communication and support went the wrong way. I think none of us likes to be served by a soulless robot that loops itself and does not solve our problem anyway, just wasting our time. We wanted customer care on the Internet to be as effective as in the real world when we go to the customer service point to talk to a real person … ”

A few words from the investor

The reason why I invested in the project

“When I first heard about the idea on FullCall, I felt extraordinary inspiration. It is not often that a project at such an early stage is able to interest and engage me. However, I was fully convinced that Full Call would change part of our lives – the way we buy, consult and communicate.

I am in favor of process improvement and automation, which is why it is a must have for me when it comes to business. I am glad that I can support this project, watch it develop and conquer the market, but most of all be a part of it. “

Do you have the same “Why” as we do?

If you also believe that your customers deserve the highest level of service provided “by people with respect for people”, talk to us and find out how we can “humanize” customer service processes in your company. Contact us in any way or activate your free account now and test us by clicking below.

Our team

Who creates FullCall?

Nearly 20 people work on the FullCall project, providing their knowledge, ideas and experience in the following areas: business, IT, programming, graphics, UX / UI, law, marketing, advertising and business psychology. Meet our leading young team that has faith in what we pursue.




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